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What to do when the railroad track & trace tools aren’t enough

You are feeling pain. Gaining visibility of your growing rail shipments on multiple railroads has become cumbersome. Reports that took 5 minutes to prepare are now taking an hour or more. Management wants more detailed (aka complicated and time consuming) reports because there is more at stake. Issues that once...

Railcar Tracking Blog has a new name and new location

Railcar Tracking Blog (http://railcartracking.wordpress.com) , established in 2011, is a place where rail shippers, receivers, and railcar fleet owners can find helpful information related to tracking rail shipments and managing railcar fleets. The blog is sponsored by Railcar Tracking Company (RTC) and the articles were written by RTC with occasional input from other industry experts. The...

How To Use AAR Car Type Codes in Railcar Management System (RMS)

This brief article explains how AAR Car Type Codes can be used in Railcar Management System (RMS). Step 1. Update one or more railcar records with the appropriate AAR Car Type Code.   Step 2. Clone a Daily Report such as Last Sighting by Destination then add the AARType field to...

AAR Car Type Codes Explained & Resources

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) developed the car code. The first letter of the code identifies the major category of the railcar. The following three numbers identify more specific characteristics about the railcar such as dimension, roof type, door type, capacity (gallons or cubit feet), load limit, floor type, coupler...

What features are commonly included in a rail shipment tracking and fleet management system?

Rail shipment tracking and fleet management systems are offered by several vendors, which offer many similar features. These systems lower administrative costs, improve supply chain performance and increase utilization of railcar fleets. This article summarizes those most common features and then also points out some less common features. Overall, I hope...

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