How To Use AAR Car Type Codes in Railcar Management System (RMS)

This brief article explains how AAR Car Type Codes can be used in Railcar Management System (RMS). Step 1. Update one or more railcar records with the appropriate AAR Car Type Code.   Step 2. Clone a Daily Report such as Last Sighting by Destination then add the AARType field to...

AAR Car Type Codes Explained & Resources

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) developed the car code. The first letter of the code identifies the major category of the railcar. The following three numbers identify more specific characteristics about the railcar such as dimension, roof type, door type, capacity (gallons or cubit feet), load limit, floor type, coupler...

Car Location Message (CLM) Event Sighting Codes

  Code Classification Description A Arrival Transit Location Equipment has arrived at an in-transit railroad location other than the destination. B Bad Order Equipment has been reported or received defective at location shown. See this article for extended bad order information. C Motor Carrier Arrival Motor carrier arrival at initial...

Getting full visibility of railcar shipments in Steelroads

If you are getting incomplete CLM (aka car location messages or sightings) data for some of your shipments and you use Steelroads*, here are some ideas that will help you increase your visibility. 1. All CLM data delivered out of Steelroads is now restricted to “Party to Waybill” (PTW) security....

Get electronic waybills from railroads for railcar tracking

Electronic waybills are delivered in a file and the information is formatted in a standard way enabling computer systems to automatically import them. Coupling sighting (CLM) data with waybill data (aka shipping instructions) can be a powerful combination. For example, not only will you know where your railcars are and...

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