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RMS combines the information from over 550 railroads in North America to provide complete visibility in one system. No longer visit multiple railroad websites to locate the current location of your rail shipments. Get rid of your spreadsheets that are getting too large and difficult to work with. Store unlimited years of railcar movement history. RMS simplifies your daily operations.

Flexible and Powerful Custom Report Builder

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In addition to the many built-in reports, RMS offers you ultimate creativity in tailoring reports to your company’s specific needs. Build reports from scratch: Choose from over 10 datasets/queries (more being added), each one having 10 to 60 fields. Select which fields to display or create your own field based on a calculation; name, size and summarize (Avg, Min, Max, Count, Sum, Std.Dev., Var) the fields. Show or hide the detail records. Group and Sort on multiple fields. Filter with an easy to use Filter Builder or write your own complex, unlimited filter expressions.

Scheduled, Automatic Delivery


Once you have created your perfect report, set up one or many output options that enable you to save the report to a number of different file formats: PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, and HTML. Then send a report to an unlimited number of email recipients. Batch your reports in useful, time-saving bunches and then schedule their automatic delivery using RMS’ built-in scheduler. With the RMS Report Framework, Custom Datasets can be created on request, which will then appear in the Custom Report Builder and Editor interface for end users to work with in a user friendly environment. There are very few limits to the reports that can be created in RMS.

Railcar Management System

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