Our People & Support Process

A solid product is only half of a great solution. Our support team is driven to solve your support issues quickly and thoroughly.

LeadershipBrandRailcar Tracking Co.’s roots are in the rail industry. Railcar Tracking Co. (RTC) started business in 1997 and we have been designing rail shipment tracking systems since 1994. RTC grew out of experience gained at several Class I railroads: Southern Pacific Lines and Union Pacific Railroad.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to finding ways to save rail shippers money. Railcar Tracking Co. was started by responding to rail shipper’s needs, it continues to grow this way too. We are customer driven. To allow customers to have a product that fits their specific needs, we have built advanced features like the Custom Report Framework, which enables customers to tailor highly customized reports that integrate data from other business systems. There are no dead-ends with RMS and our support staff.

Each team member is hired and trained to embody the Leadership Brand and Competencies. Each member uses these competencies to deliver solutions to our customer’s problems professionally and responsively. Our Service Desk software system tracks each support issue so nothing falls through the cracks.

The Railcar Tracking Company support team, all located in our Service Support Center, is comprised of over 25 people. Our people’s expertise include:

  • database administration
  • network administration
  • training program development
  • software development
  • testing & quality assurance, and more.

Railcar Tracking Company partners with Railinc Corporation, Class I and short line railroads to provide the most accurate and complete railcar location data in North America. Railcar Tracking Company is a division of Savage Services Corporation. Savage Services is a multi-modal supply chain solutions company. Together with Savage Services, we can offer a complete rail supply chain solution including people, processes and technology.

Our customers form a wide-range of industries such as: biofuels, fossil fuels, industrial gases, crude oil, chemicals, metals, minerals, agriculture, food & beverage, construction materials, forest products, short line railroads and fleet management companies. Our customers have fleet sizes that range from 10 to 6,000 railcars.

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