Railcar Tracking Blog has a new name and new location

Railcar Tracking Blog ( , established in 2011, is a place where rail shippers, receivers, and railcar fleet owners can find helpful information related to tracking rail shipments and managing railcar fleets. The blog is sponsored by Railcar Tracking Company (RTC) and the articles were written by RTC with occasional input from other industry experts. The blog will be continuing, but with a new name and location: Railcar Tracking Learning Center located at

The Railcar Tracking Blog’s content may be found in the various “Tips” categories of the Learning Center such as: Rail Shipment Tracking Tips, Railcar Fleet Management Tips, and Railcar Demurrage Tips. The “Tips” categories continue the Blog’s tradition of providing non-product-specific, helpful information. In some Tips articles, there may be a link to a product or service that could automate steps related to the particular article topic where appropriate. New Tips content will be added continually, so please stay tuned. Those who sign up to receive notifications of new content, will only receive notifications when a new “Tip” article is posted. If you are not signed up and would like to, go to the Learning Center and fill out the form on the right margin.

Please let us know what you think of the new format and thank you for reading!




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