Railcar Management System (RMS) 7.6 Released

Railcar Tracking Company, a division of Savage Services Corporation, announces the release of Railcar Management System (RMS) 7.6. The release includes new and enhanced functionality as well as several fixes. The main new functionality is:

  • Updated railroad ETAs


Updated railroad ETAs

Rail shipment tracking systems ETAs become less useful when a railcar is delayed and the handling railroad must re-trip and change the ETA. An updated ETA is often not received until the next movement of the railcar. But the railcar may continue to dwell for several more days before moving again. Some railroads are able to deliver a “3” sighting event code sighting (CLM) record, which means that the ETA has been updated for the railcar. These ETA records are sent immediately when the ETA changes. RMS will now accept these updated ETA records and update the ETA for the railcar. The benefit to you is a more timely picture of the volume of railcars to arrive each day, enabling better planning and more efficient use of personnel.

About Railcar Tracking Company

Railcar Tracking Company responds to rail shipper / receiver needs by providing Railcar Management System (RMS). RMS is a best of breed application for those companies whose needs include a flexible and easy to use web-based system that includes visibility of essentially all North American rail shipments (530+ railroads) in a single system; railroad demurrage and railcar detention management; and railcar fleet management. RMS is used by organizations in various industries such as forestry products, asphalt, mining, aggregates, energy, chemicals, plastics, grain, food, beverage, cement, rail ties, and more.

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Updated ETAs in near real-time and Fixes are provided by this new version of Railcar Management System (RMS)

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