Railcar Management System (RMS) 8.0 Released

MIDVALE, UTAH, May 30, 2019 — Railcar Tracking Company, a division of Savage Services Corporation, announces the release of Railcar Management System (RMS) 8.0. The release includes new and enhanced functionality as well as several fixes. The main new functionality is:

  • Proprietary Demurrage In-progress and Monthly Calculation
  • Shipment Progress Indicator
  • Hazmat Shipment Information
  • Configurable Trip Cycle Separation

Proprietary Demurrage In-progress and Monthly Calculation

Calculate proprietary demurrage accrued for a given calendar month. Invoice your customers for demurrage accrued for the month even though the railcar has not been released empty.

Shipment Progress Indicator

How well is a shipment progressing compared to historical shipments or plan? Answer these questions by adding the DaysFromOriginAvg and the DaysFromOriginPlan fields to your custom reports and comparing them with the ElapsedTimeSinceRlse field, which shows the number of days that have elapsed since the railcar left the origin.

Hazmat Shipment Information

Include product / hazmat information including emergency contact phone number on custom reports or use the new Shipping Instructions Detail report that displays the waybill on a single page.

Configurable Trip Cycle Separation

Sometimes it may be desirable to separate trip cycles differently than the typical consecutive Placement Actual and Release events or a simple Load/Empty change. Trip Cycles may now be separated by any combination of Previous Station Location / Sighting Event and Current Station Location / Sighting Event.

About Railcar Tracking Company

Railcar Tracking Company responds to rail shipper / receiver needs by providing Railcar Management System (RMS). RMS is a best of breed application for those companies whose needs include a flexible and easy to use web-based system that includes visibility of essentially all North American rail shipments (530+ railroads) in a single system; railroad demurrage and railcar detention management; and railcar fleet management. RMS is used by organizations in various industries such as forestry products, asphalt, mining, aggregates, energy, chemicals, plastics, grain, food, beverage, cement, rail ties, and more.


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Proprietary Demurrage In-progress and Monthly Calculation, a Shipment Progress Indicator and Fixes are some of the new features provided by this new version of Railcar Management System (RMS)

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