Railcar Management System (RMS) 7.1 Released

Railcar Tracking Company, a division of Savage Services Corporation, announces the release of Railcar Management System (RMS) 7.1. The release includes new and enhanced functionality as well as several fixes. The main areas are:

  • Better ETAs
  • Simplified Use

ETA Calculations by Day of Week

RMS can display both the ETA from the data source (railroad or Railinc) as well as provide an ETA that it has calculated based on how long prior shipments have taken. Now, this calculated ETA will consider the day of week in its estimates. For example, if a load shipment moving from Decatur, IL to Buffalo, NY (route = IC DCAT NS) is released on a Saturday, RMS will look at the historical transit (stored in the RMS Trip Plan) to see if any prior shipments were released on a Saturday. If so, RMS will use that measure to calculate an ETA. This feature will be useful for those routes that include non-daily railroad service.


Find Specific Trip Plans More Quickly and Easily

The Trip Plans list page now shows more details to help you quickly identify the specific route.


Abstract Stations for More Simple Reports

If you ever have shipments that are billed to one city, but are actually placed a few miles down the road at a different city and you would like to show those as one city on reports, you may want to use the new Managing & Responsible Station feature. For example, if a shipment is billed to FT COLLINGS, CO and the railcar is actually placed at GIDDINGS, CO (5 miles away), you can make FT COLLINS a Managing Station.

Then, edit the GIDDINGS, CO station and select FT COLLINS, CO as the Responsible Station.

After this is done, GIDDINGS, CO will always display on most reports as FT COLLINS, CO.


Savage Logo & Colors

Savage Services Corporation acquired Railcar Tracking Company 4 years ago and now we are moving to Savage branding. Savage is a widely recognized and respected name in the rail industry, so we are proud to put the Savage name on Railcar Management System. Beyond a new company name, the acquistion meant deeper resources to draw on such as an IT team of more than 30 people strong including programmers, UI designers, database administrators, system administrators, technical writers, trainers and more.


About Railcar Tracking Company

Railcar Tracking Company responds to rail shipper / receiver needs by providing Railcar Management System (RMS). RMS is a best of breed application for those companies whose needs include a flexible and easy to use web-based system that includes visibility of essentially all North American rail shipments (530+ railroads) in a single system; railroad demurrage and railcar detention management; and railcar fleet management. RMS is used by organizations in various industries such as lumber, asphalt, mining, aggregates, sand, energy, chemicals, plastics, grain, food, beverage, cement, industrial gases, rail ties, and more.

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More Accurate ETAs, Increased Ease of Use, and Fixes are provided by this new version of Railcar Management System (RMS)

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