The Release of Railcar Management System (RMS) 3.0

RTC continues its leadership role in rail based Supply Chain Management by expanding the power of rail shippers to more efficiently manage rail shipments and fleets with the release of RMS 3.0. Along with existing innovative functions like customizable reports, consolidated billing, RMS 3.0 allows the user to take greater advantage of the Internet through Automatic Email Distribution, and Scheduled Report/ASN/Alert Distribution.

The latest innovations that will take rail Supply Chain Management into the next phase include:

1) Automatic Email Distribution. Use the Internet to notify supply chain partners of incoming/outgoing/delayed shipments, automatically. The output options, as well as the report format options (Rich Text, Excel, Microsoft Snapshot, and HTML) are extensive.

2) Customizable Reports. The vast number of customizable reports allows the rail shipper to create the report that exactly meets their needs through the use of report title modification, specific data grouping, and complex filters and sorts.

3) Scheduled Report/ASN/Alert Distribution. Rail shippers may first customize reports to their specific needs and then schedule the constant broadcast of equipment disposition to suit theirs and others schedules. This ability to acquire the raw data, form it into useful information, and its distribution can all be done without human intervention. And it is a very simple task to set and reset the reports and their destinations.

“RMS’ strengths have always been in supply chain performance measurement. With automatic and scheduled emailing of customized reports that serve as alerts and advanced shipper notifications, RMS 3.0 can realistically be used in a lights out manner without requiring any administrative interaction,” says RTC’s Chief Software Architect, Jim Dalrymple. “Because of the stability and simplicity of RMS, it doesn’t take a data center nor much IT support to run it, therefore we can offer it at an extremely reasonable price. RMS frees the professional to work on more important, strategic issues. We’re always looking for ways to help company’s do more with what they have both in terms of people and computers.”

Railcar Tracking Co. (RTC) was founded in 1997. Before forming RTC, Jim Dalrymple managed the Performance Quality Measurement department at Southern Pacific Lines and Union Pacific Railroad. RTC specializes in providing cost-effective software for supply chain performance measurement, transportation and fleet management for rail shippers. RTC’s customers form a broad selection of industries including minerals, agriculture, forest products, chemical, short line railroads and transportation service companies.

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Railcar Management System (RMS) 3.0 Frees The Professional To Work On More Important, Strategic Issues.

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