Eliminate Bill Of Lading Double Data Entry

Tired of having to re-key bill of lading / waybill information from hard to read faxes? Railcar Management System (RMS), a cost-effective rail Transportation Management System (RTMS), can now link with the Class 1 Railroads directly via the Internet to import electronic copies of the bill of ladings that you, your affiliates, or your suppliers have already sent to these railroads. You can easily integrate RMS with your business systems that may require this information too. RMS can then begin tracking these inbound or outbound shipments automatically. Another great thing is that because the data goes directly to you, there is no charge for this data!

Commentary added in retrospect for greater clarity:
“ This is a real boon to all rail shippers, but particularly to those who use railroad-owned equipment or free runners”, said Jim Dalrymple, Railcar Tracking Co.’s Chief Software Architect. “If you don’t have a permanent fleet of railcars, you had to get copies of the bill of ladings and manually enter each railcar into what ever system you were using to keep track of the shipment. With RMS’ direct link to the Class 1 railroads, this process can be totally automated.”

Railcar Tracking Company, founded in 1997, provides an effective, customized, easy to use, and affordable rail transportation management system – Railcar Management System (RMS). Customers of Railcar Tracking Company are from industries such as industrial gases, minerals, agriculture, energy, forest products, transportation: short line railroads and third party services.

Jim Dalrymple

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Tired Of Having To Re-key Bill Of Lading / Waybill Information From Hard To Read Faxes?

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