Key Systems Changes Its Name To Railcar Tracking Company

Demand for Key Systems Railcar Management System (RMS) has been so strong that the company found itself working on nothing but the development and marketing of their rail transportation management system, RMS. The company feels that its name should better reflect this fact. Thus the name Railcar Tracking Company (RTC) was registered and the company has committed itself whole-heartedly to the pursuit of building tools to aid rail shippers.

RTC believes that no one cares about a company’s shipment as much as that company. Therefore, it is RTC’s mission to provide software tools to enable a company to manage its own rail shipments and fleet. The goal for the company’s flagship product, Railcar Management System (RMS), is to keep track of every significant piece of information related to a rail shipment and leave the management activities up to the rail shipper.

Jim Dalrymple

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Our Mission: To Provide Software Tools To Enable A Company To Manage Its Own Rail Shipments And Fleet

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