Minerals Railcars

Typically, Minerals Railcars have a centerflow type of railcar and rugged small and large cubic foot open top hopper railcars.

Streamline Rail and Improve Inventory Management

Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, Uses Railcar Tracking Company’s Railcar Management System (RMS) to Streamline Rail and Improve Inventory Management.

Expediting Rail Shipments

Rick Elston, former Vice President Logistics (of Sales) at RAG (formerly Cyprus Amax Coal Sales), says, “Railcars in our fleet were being used by a particular railroad without our authorization and free of charge,” Mr. Elston said. “We used RMS to document exactly where these railcars were used and for how long

Time Savings Achieved

Melinda Dillon, Transportation Coordinator says, “The primary time savings GLC has realized from using RMS [ Railcar Management System ] include (as approximates): 1.5 hrs/day by running Daily Reports for car locations and managing by exception…