Increasing Utilization of Railcar Fleet

Sal Calandra, Rail Operations Manager says, The Railcar Management System (RMS) has been a great tool for BOC Gases. It provides us with the data we need to effectively manage our rail network, now and into the future. We are currently publishing daily Inbound and Non-Movement Reports onto our intranet to manage consistent supply to our customers and rail depots. After [four] years of using RMS, it continues to provide ongoing benefits to BOC Gases. BOC’s use of RMS was documented in Traffic World Magazine where they said that RMS has enabled them to increase the utilization of their railcar fleet by 10 percent. Even more recently, BOC used RMS to document service failures during the Conrail breakup and was able to get a significant settlement as a result.

NOTE: BOC Gases is now Linde.

Sal Calandra

Rail Operations Manager
BOC Gases

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