Rail Bill of Lading Parties Defined

Here is a scenario that was a bit confusing for which parties to use on the bill of lading: A 3rd party will be loading and generating bills of lading on behalf of their customer who is selling the product that is loaded into the railcars are are leasing the...

Track and trace your rail shipments for free

If you ship or receive freight on rail, at some point you are going to want to have visibility of where those railcars are and when they are going to arrive. The Class I railroads provide web-based railcar shipment tracking tools with varying functionality. This is the beginning of a...

Demurrage and detention from a carload perspective

The terms Demurrage and Detention are used quite a bit in the rail industry. Sometimes they seem to be used interchangeably or used differently depending on the type of rail shipping (i.e. intermodal vs. carload). If you have ever wondered about the meaning and usage of these terms particularly within...

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