car location message

Car Location Message (CLM) Event Sighting Codes

  Code Classification Description A Arrival Transit Location Equipment has arrived at an in-transit railroad location other than the destination. B Bad Order Equipment has been reported or received defective at location shown. See this article for extended bad order information. C Motor Carrier Arrival Motor carrier arrival at initial...

Cost increases coming soon for rail shipment tracking data?

Most Class I railroads have a practice of providing shipment tracking data such as CLM (car location messages) and waybills (EDI 417 format) to those directly involved in rail shipping for no charge. The practice of doing the same for third parties (VANs – value added networks, on-demand software vendors)...

The misunderstood Train ID field

Actually, if it were understood better, we would realize that this little field is actually providing some pretty rich information. Most Car Location Message (CLM) formats contain a Train ID field. This field returns several very different types of information depending on the situation. Frustrating and difficult to implement in...

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