Railcar Tracking Company L.L.C. (RTC) Announces Its Ten Year Anniversary

Snoqualmie, Washington – Since 1997, Railcar Tracking Co. LLC (RTC) has been supplying rail shippers with a system for tracking rail shipments and managing railcar fleets: Railcar Management System (RMS) ™. The company also provides customer support and software development related to the use of its products.

Over the last ten years the company has managed to retain 80% of its customers. It attributes much of this success to its systematic approach to resolving customer support issues with its inhouse developed Change Management and Support System (CMASS). “CMASS ensures that no support issue falls through the cracks and it helps resolve issues more quickly by retaining knowledge from prior issues,” says Jim Dalrymple, Director of Product Development and owner of RTC.

Railcar Tracking Co. LLC (RTC), founded in 1997, provides a full-featured, costeffective and customizable rail shipment tracking and fleet management solution – Railcar Management System (RMS) ™. The firm has customers from industries such as industrial gases, chemicals, minerals, agriculture, energy, forest products, short line railroads, transportation services, fleet leasing, and fleet management companies

Jim Dalrymple

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Over The Last Ten Years The Company Has Managed To Retain 80% Of Its Customers.

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