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Railcar Tracking Co. & Railcar Management System (RMS) Celebrate 20 Years

20 years ago, Railcar Tracking Company (originally named Key Systems) opened for business and began work on the first version of a rail shipment tracking and fleet management software system that would be named Railcar Management System (RMS). The first features were tailored around the needs of a large, global specialty gas customer. The customer had a fleet of roughly 500 railcars that had grown drastically and was now difficult to manage. The customer was also buying railcar sighting (CLM) data for their railcar fleet to the tune of $20,000.00 per year.

Railcar Tracking Company showed the customer how to eliminate the $20,000.00 of annual data fees while providing added features such as: customizable reports that could be automatically emailed to many recipients, transit analysis reports that highlighted bottlenecks, exception reports highlighting delayed, mis-routed, bad ordered / shopped railcars, and railcar detention reports. In just 2 years, the gas company garnered 10% better utilization of their railcar fleet.

Railcar Tracking Company was acquired by Savage Services Corporation in 2013, it continues as a division and DBA of Savage. Providing the same software and services, but according to the founder Jim Dalrymple, “We now have a large team of 26 people to develop and support Railcar Management System (RMS) and 3,000+ operations employees across the globe to provide feedback on how to make RMS better. We are working to complete an end-to-end, completely integrated rail supply chain management system. It’s a great team and I am excited about what we are creating.”

Railcar Management System (RMS) is still providing the same and more features in an easy to use, web-based application. Features such as:

  • Exception reporting and supplemental ETAs
  • Railroad Demurrage & Railcar Detention Management
  • Railcar Fleet Management

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About Railcar Tracking Company

Railcar Tracking Company responds to rail shipper / receiver needs by providing Railcar Management System (RMS). RMS is a best of breed application for those companies whose needs include a flexible and easy to use web-based system that includes visibility of essentially all North American rail shipments (530+ railroads) in a single system; railroad demurrage and railcar detention management; and railcar fleet management. RMS is used by 42 organizations in various industries such as lumber, asphalt, mining, aggregates, sand, energy, chemicals, plastics, grain, food, beverage, cement, industrial gases, rail ties, and more.



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Now a division of Savage Services Corporation, the Railcar Tracking Company team celebrates 20 years of developing, selling and supporting Railcar Management System!

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