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Railcar Management System (RMS) 6.13 Release Provides Faster Tracing & Easier Report Building

With the release of Railcar Management System (RMS) 6.13, Railcar Tracking Company continues to respond to customer needs. RMS is our main focus, raising it to a best of breed application for those companies whose needs include a flexible and easy to use web-based system that includes visibility of essentially all shipments (530+ railroads) in North America in a single system; railroad demurrage and railcar detention management; and railcar fleet management. Version 6.13 includes two of the most requested features: 1) quick copy & paste trace and drill down research of railcar movements and 2) easily accessed, pop up field descriptions to make it easier to create custom reports.

New Trace Feature

The Railcar Management System (RMS) feature request that received the second most votes on last year’s survey was, “The ability to trace a list of railcars at once (with copy and pasting a list)”. This feature has been implemented and fully tested in Version 6.13, which is now available.

A new “Trace” menu option is now listed at the top left of the RMS screen. The other menus were rearranged so that the Trace menu was positioned along with menus that are most used towards the left of the screen. Once the new Trace menu option is clicked, the user can paste / enter a list of railcars or select a Pool or Report Group and click the Trace button. An interactive data grid with the latest reported locations and ETA will be displayed. The results may be sorted by clicking on any column title. Click on the Railcar hyperlink to drill into historical sighting, trip cycle, shipping instruction, and problem log data for that specific railcar for the last 30 days (this can be adjusted after the page displays).











Pop Up Field Descriptions

The new Railcar Management System (RMS) feature request that received the most votes on last year’s survey was, “Make it easier to write reports. Make it easier to find what each field name means and when to use them.” We are happy to announce that this feature has been implemented and fully tested. This new feature will provide a small “pop-up” description as the mouse pointer is hovered over each field showing in the available Fields list box on the Custom Report Builder – Fields tab page.


Search with Leading Zeros

Even though RMS does not display or store leading zeros in the railcar number, there are other systems that do. Often lists of railcars that need to be added or traced in RMS come from another system and leading zeros are included. All areas of RMS, where a railcar initial and number can be entered or pasted and used to search or trace, have been enhanced to fully handle leading zeros.



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Trace a list of railcars more quickly and build custom reports more easily with Version 6.13

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