Railcar Management System (RMS) Version 5.0

St. Louis, Missouri  –  The new version offers a Demurrage Tracking feature designed to closely estimate charges incurred during the loading and unloading of railcars. More specifically, the holding of railroad-owned railcars during loading and unloading and the time that private railcars are sitting on railroad tracks waiting to be placed at a customer’s industry. The system can display railcars that are about to incur demurrage charges, so that the users can determine which railcars to order in or release first. Another use of the feature is to accrue estimated demurrage charges. And with RMS’ flexible data exporting feature, demurrage charges can be easily fed into a business accounting or ERP system. Having documentation of all demurrage related events also enables the customer to successfully dispute inaccurate demurrage charges.

RMS 5 also offers a revised Home window. It enables the user to view the CLM / sighting history, trip cycle (origin to destination) summary, and shipping instruction (bill of lading or waybill) history for a given railcar all from one window resulting in an 80% faster retrieval time for this information than the previous version.

The Version 5 report summary option gives users the option to compress the output resulting in a more readable summary for reports with two or more groups. Several new datasets have been added that allow users to create reports on railcar problems and rail contract rates stored in the system.

Railcar Tracking Co. LLC (RTC), founded in 1997, provides an affordable, full-featured, and easy to use rail shipment tracking and fleet management solution – Railcar Management System (RMS) ™. RMS may be installed locally or hosted remotely. The firm has customers from industries such as biofuels, fossil fuels, industrial liquid gases, specialty gases, chemicals, metals, minerals, agriculture, food & beverage, construction materials, forest products, short line railroads and fleet management companies.

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Railcar Management System (RMS) ™ Version 5 Is Now Available.

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