Railcar Tracking Company L.L.C. (RTC) Announces Railcar Management System (RMS) ™ Version 4.0

Snoqualmie, Washington  –  September 30, 2005 is the target release date for Railcar Management System (RMS) ™ Version 4.0. The new version offers key features for larger shippers while maintaining its accessibility and cost-effectiveness for small to midsize shippers. Some of the key features are:

  • Easily assign or reassign to pools, deactivate, reactivate, delete and add thousands of railcars with just a few mouse clicks
  • Increased scalability
  • Remote access to data via Internet or wide area network (WAN)
  • Tightened security
  • Added data protection and recovery procedures
  • Hosted database option
  • Improved ability to integrate with other business systems

RMS 4.0 will use Microsoft® SQL Server (version 2000 or higher) database management system (DBMS) as its exclusive data storage mechanism. This will allow remote access to the application data across a WAN or the Internet. Customers will have the option of using their own servers and Microsoft® SQL Server software license or they can choose to have the data hosted, paying an additional monthly fee for the service.

The RMS 4.0 application will be Windows®-based, which will enable customers to benefit from the robust and responsive environment of Microsoft® Windows®. Windows®-based applications are most appropriate for intensive daily use because they take advantage of the processing power on the client and server computer rather than just the server computer. Tracking rail shipments is typically an intensive daily activity.

“Being a Windows®-based product is not new for us, however it is newsworthy since most of our competitors are offering Web-based products. Web-based products may be easier to deploy, but RMS, based on Windows®, is going to help shippers identify and solve more problems faster. Experience has shown this to be more important,” states Ward Winburn, RTC’s head of Business Development.

Railcar Tracking Co. LLC (RTC), founded in 1997, provides a full-featured, cost-effective and easily customizable rail shipment tracking and fleet management solution – Railcar Management System (RMS) ™. The firm has customers from industries such as industrial gases, chemicals, minerals, agriculture, energy, forest products, short line railroads and transportation service companies.

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