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Railcar Tracking Co.: About Us
Railcar Tracking Co.: An Experienced Company That Delivers
Railcar Tracking Co.'s roots are in the rail industry. Railcar Tracking Co. (RTC) started business in 1997 and we have been designing rail shipment tracking systems since 1994. RTC grew out of experience gained at several Class I railroads: Southern Pacific Lines and Union Pacific Railroad.

Our mission is to provide the most easy-to-use, reliable, and cost effective rail shipment tracking and fleet management system for rail shippers. No other product in the industry has the affordability, accessibility and ease of use of our product, Railcar Management System (RMS) - you can request a free 30 days trial of RMS as well as a price sheet - click the green button on this page to get started.

With the rail industry's release of R-EDI in 1996 and the subsequent releases of its Internet-based successors, NetREDI and now Steelroads Track and Trace, rail shippers gained access to a central source of free railcar sighting records (CLM). Many shippers wished to take the next step and have this data transformed into useful information that could be used for shipment and fleet management. What was needed was a system that interfaced seamlessly to this new source of data.

Railcar Tracking Co. responded. We are the first company to release a rail shipment tracking and fleet management system (RMS - Railcar Management System) that directly interfaces to R-EDI, NetREDI, and Steelroads Track and Trace. While our system will interface with other sources of CLM data, we pride ourselves on our commitment to finding ways to save rail shippers money.

Railcar Tracking Co. was started by responding to rail shipper’s needs, it continues to grow this way too. We pride ourselves on being customer driven. Most features in RMS are the direct result of customer requests. Time and effort is spent on each customer to tailor RMS to their specific needs. We don’t want to just sell you software; we want to sell you a solution! Our Professional Services group performs system integration and customization.

Our customers form a wide-range of industries such as: biofuels, fossil fuels, industrial gas liquids, specialty gases, chemicals, metals, minerals, agriculture, food & beverage, construction materials, forest products, short line railroads and fleet management companies. Although we target small to midsize shippers, many of our customers are in the Fortune 500.


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